Our Design Services

We are here to make your brand memorable. We provide services from identity programs to high-impact websites to print pieces that tell your story and engage and persuade audiences.



At Athena Design we become a partner in creating the face your business or organization presents to the world, and we work hard to make sure the story that comes across to your audience is compelling and produces results. We deliver start-to-finish services, working with our clients to develop strong conceptual foundations. We carry through with logo design, art direction, production-ready files, and supervision of production from digital to print. We’re a small agency so we can work with clients on realistic budgets and achievable timelines.

Website Design

We design, develop and manage brand strategies online with websites that allow people to experience what you offer in an integrated way, and provide satisfying, informative user experiences online. We develop websites with WordPress, Drupal and Squarespace that are mobile-friendly and have content management systems so that each client and their staff can produce their own content. We provide training and a manual to make it easy.


Print Communications

These are the tangible pieces that go into customers' hands, including annual reports, brochures, books, guides and programs. The message is long lasting, staying in hand or even filed away. It can be referred to, reread, shared, used as a reminder. A printed piece can be sent following a meeting, an inquiry, or a response to an offer on a website. Print offers another opportunity to be seen and get a message across and is an important part of your overall marketing strategy.


Ready to get Started?

If you would like to work with us on your next project, we’d be happy to talk with you. Call us at (707) 823-8601 or say hello on email.